SaPa listed in top beautiful terraces in the world

The terraced fields of SaPa in Lao Cai province, Viet Nam have been ranked in the Top 11 most beautiful terraces around the world by the international tourism electronic communication network (Touropia).

The list includes Douro (Portuguese), Bali (Indonesia), Choquequyrao, Pisác, Salinas de Maras, Ma chu Pich chu, Ollantaytambo (Peru), Longji, Hani (China), Banaue (the Philippines).

Some pictures of spectacular Sapa terraces:



  • ruong bac thang sapa 2
  • ruong bac thang sapa
  • sapa terraces 2
  • sapa terraces
  • Sapa_laochai_village
  • sapa-terraced-fied-by-thai-vaiman
  • sapa in snow
  • the-terraces-in-sa-pa

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